Monday, 1 September 2014

The Scene While Cruising The Baltic Sea

There's good people watching on the deck of your cruise ship as it navigates the run from Riga to Stockholm. Nice weather, rocky islands to crawl past and alcohol to grease the enjoyment.

A beer and a bench. From where comes that Hitchcock shadow?

Toasting the end of the day.

Smoking section.

The party starts NOW.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Cruising From Riga To Stockholm

Soon after our arrival in Vilnius, the embassy organized a cruise across the Baltic Sea. We're in! The trip is quick, one overnight leg, leaving in the afternoon from Riga, Latvia and arriving mid-morning in Stockholm. You eat, watch a show, catch some sleep and arrive in Scandinavia.

Our big taxi.

Walking the plank. Watching the meal tickets board. While a decent enough cruiser, the ship is definitely a cargo hauler first.

Cabin for two, with a view.

Two more views of a cabin, no view (but a TV waaay up there).

Fancy restaurant.

Have a seat, stay for a Russian hockey game simulcast.

Distance dining.